Supporting Local Artists

Being an emerging artist is no easy task. Most have to drastically cut down on expenses, live as modestly as possible, and may even have to move into an artist co-op to be able to afford the rent. In Florida, the Florida Arts has several programs available to support artists, including a arts license plate that generates money for the arts to cut down on artists getting evicted in Florida.

State run programs and grants are great, but there’s more that can be done to help artists. For one, local businesses looking for art should consider buying from a local artist. Money spent in the community tends to stay in the community. Buying art from local artists no only helps that artist, but also the community the business is located in.

Local business can hire artists to repaint building, maybe even adding a mural. Murals are great for publicity and often attract media coverage, even if it’s just from the local newspaper. With Facebook and other social media, even more publicity can be generated often offering a better return than traditional advertising.

In addition, local businesses and even local residents should think about their holiday gift buying strategies. Local artists are also looking for a sale, and the holidays are a great time to make a deal. Whether you run a business looking for corporate gifts or just items for friends and family, local artists provide a great outlet to find the perfect item without the mad rush of typical holiday shopping at big box retailers.

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