Santa Monica Art and Cultural Affairs

Southern California might be known for Muscle Beach and the hometown of fitness guru Tony Horton, but there’s more there than Santa Monica’s 24 Hour Fitness gym.

Several artists are from Santa Monica, including conceptual painter John Baldessari, architect Frank Gehry, and cartoonist E. C. Segar, creator of Popeye.

Santa Monica is also home to the Santa Monica Museum of Art and the 18th Street Arts Center. There are over 90 art galleries in the city and over 40 works of art on public display around town, including sculptures, street murals, and ceramics.

Santa Monica has a yearly Airport ArtWalk festival that showcases the work of local artists. It features free admission and free parking, art studio exhibits, art demonstrations, workshops, live music, local restaurants and food trucks.

For an overview, watch the video below.

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