Adaption and Popularity of New Forms of Art

The impressionism era of art was met with rejection and ridicule over the changing tastes in the art. Most of the art didn’t really look like anything and that annoyed a lot of people. When looking at art people tend to want to see things that they know are things. Oh no, wait that’s abstract art or more like Pablo Picasso. 

For impressionism, more people will be familiar with Claude Monet. His paintings generally did look like things. Which, of course, makes more sense to non-idiots. What most people don’t know is that Claude Monet painted a lot. He often did many paintings a year. Some of his early work includes a dog head. But as the years went on he did cooler stuff too like “Still Life with Meat“. 

Further still, Claude Monet did portraits of people. Some of these people were friends of his maybe. Others may be acquaintances which I think is pretty cool since had I been alive at the time I could have been painted by Claude. But still, his most famous paintings were of boats and trees and stuff, also that meat one is pretty cool. 

As art continues to progress and really come alive artists became better and painting things that looked great. Abstract art was still for the people that didn’t care what stuff looked like but the other types were still good.
Soon other nontraditional forms of art became popular. Sidewalk chalk became a medium for which artists could use between rainstorms. During those rainstorms, people could use video games as a means to express their artist muse.

Speaking of rainy days, soon computers themselves can be used to generate art. You know for the lazy artist that want to sit back and click a generate art button and collect paychecks.

Image segmentation and machine learning networks have found their way into applications in pictures. The automation of searching through pictures and aggregating the sub-picture search results generates interesting and some abstract art. 

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